Advanced United States History I

Course Purpose
This course has several purposes. First and foremost, students will learn the history of the United States. Secondly, the course fulfills the United States History I graduation requirement.

Course Objectives
Students will:
• demonstrate an understanding of the political institutions, social and cultural developments, diplomacy, and economic trends in United States history;
• analyze evidence and interpretations in historical scholarship;
• analyze and interpret a wide variety of primary sources, such as documents, maps, data, art and graphics;
• demonstrate an ability to write analytical and interpretive essays using the DBQ and FRQ format;
• trace historical themes over time and;
• prepare for and successfully pass the AP U.S. History exam.

Grades will be determined by a number of formal assessments including multiple choice exams, quizzes, projects and writing assignments.

Late Policy:
Late work will be accepted.Students missing work should expect to join me during study halls, common period or after school to fulfill their obligations.

Extra Credit:
There will be no extra credit opportunities in this course.

Group work:
Students will have many opportunities to work together, but no group grades will be assigned.

Every student is expected to behave like a fine upstanding citizen. Every student is expected to help create a positive learning environment.Students who deviate from this course will be dealt with accordingly.

Every student is expected to come to class prepared to learn.Every student should have a three-ring binder for course materials, paper for assignments & notes, a charged laptop, and a pen/pencil. Students need to take care of personal business (phone calls, visiting lockers, use of the restroom, etc) prior to beginning of class. Students are expected to begin working immediately upon arriving to class.

Course Text
Maier, Pauline, Smith Merritt Roe, Keyssar, Alexander, and Kevles, Daniel. Inventing America A History of the United States, 2nd edition. W.W. Norton and Company, 2006.

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Death and the Civil War